Mikrotik Hotspot Prepaid Billig System

SSM-ONLINE is a web-based application (MikroTik API PHP class) to help manage MikroTik Hotspots. Especially MikroTik which does not support User Manager. SSM-ONLINE is not a server radius, so it doesn't have to be always active. SSM-ONLINE can be activated when needed or as needed.

Service :winbox 8291 , Api 8728

Mikrotik API (Local)


  • Local Hosting
  • Single User
  • Default Customization
  • Sub-Domain (N/A)
  • License (Lifetime)
  • 7 Days Support

Mikrotik API (Local)


  • Local/Personal Hosting
  • Single User
  • Full Customization
  • 1 Year Sub-Domain
  • License (Lifetime)
  • 1 Month Support

Mikrotik API (Global)

1 Year

  • Sub-Domain
  • Single User
  • Default Customization
  • 1 Year Free
  • License (Subscription)
  • Hosting Support only

Terms and Conditions :
  • You will need to pay a charge if the support term expires.
  • Two required for global hosting (1# Public IP or DDNS 2# Open API Port #8728)
  • You will be able to aceess the service after 20 minutes of payment (Cloud API).
  • Video Tutorials
  • Free Online Support (T&C)
  • One-Time Payment